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How to Add or Remove an App Icon From the Mac Dock

Clicking the gear icon in the bottom-right of the New Tweet window reveals a menu to find your saved drafts and to assign a saved topic to your tweet. Click on the little camera icon, the location icon, or the emoji icon to add a photo or video, a location, or an emoji to your tweet.

You can add images or videos using whichever upload services have been configured in settings. Additionally, media can be dragged into this window from Finder, and Tweetbot will upload it and insert a link without using the camera icon and subsequent menu.

Mac Monday: Adding & Removing Items From The Dock

Like a photo or video, attaching a location to a tweet is as simple as clicking on the location button. If Tweetbot has been granted permission to use Location Services in macOS, clicking the map pin graphic will allow Tweetbot to ping your location and attach that data to your tweet as well. From time to time, a user, hashtag, or phrase may temporarily take over your timeline.

Tweetbot includes a feature called Muting , which removes tweets completely from your timeline based on person, keyword, hashtag, or even Twitter client, for durations of a day, a week, a month, or forever. The second-last item in the left sidebar is a speech bubble with a — drawn in the center if you have an expanded left sidebar, mutes can be found in the My Profile heading.

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Clicking on it brings up the Mute Filters view. There, you can add keywords, etc. If you are a Twitter lists user, Tweetbot has a couple of nice features for you. You can create and follow lists easily, as well as edit members of any particular list. With the launch of Tweetbot 3, you can even set your main timeline to any of your saved lists.

The launch of Tweetbot 3 introduced some new accessibility features for those users who need to interact with the app in different formats. Users can now add a text description to an uploaded image before tweeting. This allows any Twitter user to access that text description this is specifically important using VoiceOver when the text description is supplied. Until the debut of Tweetbot 3, Twitterrific definitely carried the torch for accessibility features for Twitter clients on the Mac.

In many ways, Twitterrific still carries the torch — users can navigate the timeline and compose tweets with VoiceOver.

How can I add URL Shortcuts like Facebook etc to the Dock?

Tweetbot 3 has improved in this regard, but still has a way to go to meet feature parity with Twitterrific. In that case, there are two alternatives worth your consideration.

Like most other Twitter clients, Twitterrific brings the whole host of Twitter interactions — tweet, reply, send direct messages, favorites, and lists, to name a few. Users can change fonts and font sizes, switch between dark and light themes, and change how images and videos are displayed. With the relaunch of Twitterrific, The Iconfactory has also added support for multiple windows and timelines, accessibility improvements through VoiceOver, and a redesign that supports the latest Retina Displays, Notification Center, and full screen mode.

This includes adoption of the system-wide share sheet to copy links and text and open a tweet in a browser, send a tweet to Notes, or send a tweet to other social media services. These latest features bring Twitterrific to near feature-parity with its iOS brother. Sep 20, 8: Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

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Can you place a shortcut or a link to a website in the dock in osx? Ask Question. Id like to do this on 2 machines - one is on osx Select URL and drag it to your desktop.

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If you want to add a custom image, there are instructions in this Ask Different thread. Nice one, with extras: The dock has a separator, left is applications, right are folder aliases. admin